FYI – Healthy Nutrition Facts for Albacore Tuna

The nutritional facts on a pouch of Starkist’s best premium albacore proudly proclaims Omega-3 content of 450 mg. per 55 gram serving. Amazingly, our Oregon’s Choice Gourmet Albacore tested at 2450 mg. Omega-3 per 55 gram serving!

How can this be that our albacore tested over five times the Omega-3 than the major store brand? First, all the major canneries (including those from Thailand) prefer to use “long line” caught albacore, which are larger and leaner than the smaller fatty surface “jig” fish we catch. We raw-fillet our fish for canning, but the major canners pre-cook their fish for the best possible recovery. In pre-cooking, the natural oil is rendered off the fish to go down the drain as lost weight, another reason lean fish are preferred.

However, consumer health is not best served using the leanest fish then pre-cooking away the natural oils, to be replaced by water or vegetable oil which has no value.

Also, the larger, older fish have 10 times the mercury of our small, fatty albacore used in Oregon’s Choice.

Not only is our fish healthier than the major brands, it tastes better too!
-Captain Herb Goblirsch